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All information is kept confidential. In order to process your application, we will require proof of employment, an Equifax report and a copy of your photo ID, for all applicants.

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    While Property Management Toronto will confirm receipt of an application, we will not guarantee that all applicants will be contacted in the event they are not approved. Those individuals we will be processing applications for will be contacted for additional information if it is deemed appropriate to do so, however it is incumbent upon applicants to ensure as much supporting documentation is provided in advance to permit the prompt processing of the application. Guidelines for what should be provided are supplied to applicants in advance or available upon request.

    I/We hereby certify the information provided above and on the reverse of this form to be true. The applicant understands and consents to the collection, use and disclosure of the above personal information for the primary purpose of assessing the suitability of the Applicant by various means including the ordering of consumer or credit reports and the contacting of any of the above listed parties. I also understand that employment verification, income validation, credit history, prior landlord history and personal references will all be considered when assessing my application for tenancy. It is also agreed that where this application is rejected, Property Management Toronto shall not be required to give reasons therefore.

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