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We Offer Property Management Services Across the GTA and Ontario

An investment property can allow you to earn a steady rental income and acquire the capital you deserve, but it also comes with responsibilities.

Property Management Toronto offers professional property management services across the GTA and Ontario to help take the weight of some of these responsibilities off of your shoulders. Our expert management team works with landlords to secure every aspect of the rental process, from buying and selling to tenant selection and repairs.

PMT is a one-stop-shop for property investors and landlords in the GTA and across Ontario. Learn where you can get property management services near you.

Our Locations

Property Management Toronto has over 25 years of experience in the business, and we continue to grow across Ontario. Our property management services for landlords and tenants are available in 15+ locations and counting.


Toronto’s housing market is growing substantially, and property values are rising. Let PMT help you find the right investment for your portfolio and start building equity today.

Learn how we can help you streamline your property management in Toronto.


Hamilton’s housing market is growing substantially, and property values are rising. Let PMT help you find the right investment for your portfolio and start building equity today.

Learn how we can help you streamline your property management in Hamilton.


The satisfaction of our Caledonia clients is our top priority. When you partner with PMT, you’re working with a team of professionals who care about your experience.

Learn how we can meet any and all of your Caledonia property management needs.


Unsure of your property’s value? PMT will provide a professional assessment of your Milton investment property and help you maximize its value.

Learn more about our Milton property management services.

Richmond Hill

We know the Richmond Hill real estate market better than anyone. If you’re looking for your next investment property, our specialists can help you start earning capital.

Learn how you can start working with our property managers in Richmond Hill today.


Burlington landlords can rest easy knowing our management services are always available, day or night. Whenever you have questions or concerns, our team is ready to help.

Learn more about what our Burlington property management company can do for you.


Oakville is quickly becoming one of the GTA’s most expensive cities, but that doesn’t mean landlords can’t earn a quality living. Our team helps homeowners across the city manage their properties and keep their finances on-track.

Learn more about our Oakville property management services.


Newmarket is becoming one of the hottest cities in the GTA, and its number of property rentals is steadily growing. PMT has the experience to help first-time property owners navigate the market and build their capital.

Learn how we can help streamline your property management in Newmarket.


In a dynamic housing market like Vaughan, landlords need a management company they can trust. PMT has 25 years of experience in client satisfaction and all of the resources you need to maximize your property’s potential.

Learn what our Vaughan property management services can do for you.


We provide detailed monthly and annual financial reports for our clients in Oshawa and across Ontario. We are thorough and transparent, so you always know where your finances and property management efforts stand.

Learn how we can help you with property management in Oshawa.


When investing in the growing housing market in Markham, you’ll want to leave the hassle of tenant selection and contracts to the professionals. We ensure a seamless experience for all Markham landlords.

Learn more about our Markham property management services.


Never worry about maintaining your Pickering investment property again. Our experienced team of property managers offers 24/7 maintenance support and more.

Learn how we can help you manage your Pickering property.


We help property owners navigate the details of owning a property in Mississauga’s growing cityscape. No property is too small or too large, and we have the tools to handle them all.

Learn about our property management services in Mississauga.


Landlords want an effortless rental experience, which means finding the right tenants. We take landlords through the tenant selection process, ensuring they have the top rental tenants Whitby has to offer.

Learn what our Whitby property managers can do for you


Our price match guarantee offers Aurora landlords the savings they need without sacrificing exceptional service. Experience our stellar list of services at a price that keeps more money in your pocket.

Learn what our Aurora property managers can do for you


Our property management services are available to all Ajax homeowners. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or experienced property owner, we’ll help you choose and manage your next investment.

Learn what our Ajax property managers can do for you

Choose Property Management Toronto

Navigating the world of property management for the first time can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to.

At PMT, we act as a partner and guide you through every step of the rental process. We have over a decade of experience in the industry and have the tools and resources to meet any and all property management needs.

Our landlord and tenant services are available in over 15 locations across Ontario, and we continue to grow and expand. Whether you’re looking for quality tenant selection services or you need help putting your property on the market, our team is ready and waiting to help you maximize the potential of your investment.

Contact Property Management Toronto today and start experiencing all the benefits of owning a rental property with more convenience and less time spent.