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Whether you’re looking to purchase your first investment property, or want to add to your existing portfolio, we can help. 

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We know our turf! As experts in Toronto’s real estate market, we know the neighbourhoods and properties that will generate a profitable investment.

At Property Management Toronto, we believe that buying or selling an investment property should be hassle-free. That’s why we offer professional real estate services. Our experienced real estate team will guide you through the buying and selling process and help you understand the current real estate market, find the perfect property and ultimately, help you make the right decisions to maximize your investment.

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first investment property, or you want to add another property to your real estate portfolio, Property Management Toronto can help. With our real estate and consulting services, we can help you locate, negotiate and purchase your next investment property.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a condo unit or a multi-level home, Property Management Toronto can help you find the perfect property to invest in. First, we lean on our sister company, Property Guide Toronto, to find you a list of properties that meet your demands and desired locations. Then, we assess and inspect the property and help you negotiate a fair price. When the property meets all of your expectations and price points, we’ll help you submit an offer and walk away with the perfect investment.

Here at Property Management Toronto, we don’t want you to just meet your investment goals, we want you to exceed them! That’s why we have investment consultants that help you understand your investment, assess the current state of the real estate market, and help you make informed decisions that will grow and maximize your investment.

Use our real estate services to purchase your next investment property and receive free property management services for a year.

Our Client Reviews

At Property Management Toronto, we pride ourselves in our unmatched commitment to customer service.

Jerome and Dana are both extremely efficient and great to work with. I felt from the start that they cared tremendously about getting me both the best tenant and the best price for my condo. Everything went very smoothly and efficiently in viewings as well as their dealings with tenant requests. I highly recommend them and will continue using them.

Ayman Youssef El Azizi

They are pretty great to work with! Dana walked me through their services before I signed on, and everything has lived up to the expectations she set. They make renting out your property so much easier! Highly recommended.

Jacob Courtade

Professional, friendly, and reliable service. PMT takes all the liability out of renting my condo to strangers. Thanks Dana and team!

Mark Eglington

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