If you're an owner navigating the world of property management for the first time, it can be a daunting experience. Here's what you need to know!

How much rent should I charge?

We do the research for you. Because we specialize in rental properties in the downtown core and GTA, you can be confident we know the market. We'll pull all recent properties leased in a your condo building or neighbourhood and use that data to ensure we are charging market value for a property.

How will you market my property?

As well as our own website and social media channels, we list our properties on many high traffic websites where qualified tenants are searching for rentals. Listing on MLS (multiple listing system or multiple listings service) ensures the property is seen by everyone in the real estate community. Our properties are regularly featured in publications like Toronto Life.

How will you find the right tenant?

  • All tenants a pre-screened before they even set foot in your property.
  • They are required to complete our tenant applications and must provide photo ID, proof of employment and a credit bureau report
  • We contact their previous landlords.
  • We speak with their employers

What happens if my tenant doesn't pay rent?

Without a doubt, the best way to avoid non-payment is to pick the right tenant. Our comprehensive tenant selection process is the best and we stand by it. Because of this, our vacancy rate is one of the lowest. But sometimes we do inherit bad tenants. If something does go wrong, we can step in. We've got a top notch legal team behind us. And, If we've selected the tenant/s, we'll issue all the appropriate eviction documentation at no charge to the landlord.

What are your maintenance services?

We have a database of trustworthy maintenance providers, including cleaners, painters, plumbers, contractors and general repair trades people. We are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. And, if something goes wrong, we'll provide your tenant with 24 hours notice and enter to inspect the unit.

Our in-house handyman services ensure quality control and competitive pricing.

Unlike our competitors, who outsource work, we know who is in your property, that they are bonded, ensured and reliable and treat your tenants with respect. Plus we know who is entering your property. They're not strangers!

Whats included in your inspection services?

  • We conduct and inspection when the tenant gives notice.
  • When the tenant vacates there's a free inspection.
  • We conduct a move in inspection with any new tenants.

Plus, twice a year, we can conduct a comprehensive inspection, which includes a written and photographic report, on the condition of your property. We conduct these in Spring and Fall. They cost just $89 (plus HST).

How do I know if my investment is performing?

You're provided with regular updates on the performance of your property. Our data is clear, concise and easy to digest. And if you do need a little extra help, just call or schedule a visit. We'll let you know if you're maximizing the potential of your investment.

How will I get paid?

You'll receive monthly invoices through our accounting system that will be deposited directly into any Canadian banking institution. We pay our landlords quicker than our competitors, processing payments more than a week ahead of the others.

Can you find me an investment property?

Yes. We 25+ years experience in real estate in the competitive Toronto market. We know the neighbourhoods and properties that will attract the best tenants and maximize the best return. Use our services to purchase your investment and get our property management services free for the first year.

Can you sell my investment property?

Of course. We're tough negotiators and we'll get you the best price. And if we sell your rental property, we'll refund you the previous years' management fees.

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Our Client Reviews

At Property Management Toronto, we pride ourselves in our unmatched commitment to customer service.

Jerome and Dana are both extremely efficient and great to work with. I felt from the start that they cared tremendously about getting me both the best tenant and the best price for my condo. Everything went very smoothly and efficiently in viewings as well as their dealings with tenant requests. I highly recommend them and will continue using them.

Ayman Youssef El Azizi

They are pretty great to work with! Dana walked me through their services before I signed on, and everything has lived up to the expectations she set. They make renting out your property so much easier! Highly recommended.

Jacob Courtade

Professional, friendly, and reliable service. PMT takes all the liability out of renting my condo to strangers. Thanks Dana and team!

Mark Eglington

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