Property Maintenance Tips for GTA Landlords

Posted on August 23, 2021 by pmtadmin

Landlords are in an excellent position in society, having an extra property they can rent out and a place for themselves to live. But with this level of privilege comes proportionate responsibilities that take time, energy, and expertise to handle.

Even the best and most experienced landlord could use some assistance, whether they’re renting one unit or many. Just because you own an investment property doesn’t mean you know how to do contracting work or have the time necessary to ensure it gets done promptly and professionally.

That’s why we offer services for affordable property management in Toronto and the GTA, so landlords can sit back confident that they’ll get paid on time and their property will remain in great condition. Rather than learn hard lessons about housing maintenance through years of trial and error, it is better to start off with professionals who will work closely with you to attend to the needs of your property.

Let’s check out some of the ways that Property Management Toronto can help to keep your rental property in great shape.

24/7 Help

One of the hardest responsibilities for a landlord to meet is the constant availability they need to give tenants. What if it’s early in the morning or late at night, and a pipe bursts in the basement, causing a leak?

Of course, you want it dealt with right away, but this means that at any given moment, you could get pulled away from what you’re doing to deal with an emergency in the property. Property managers give you back your peace of mind and free time by offering 24/7 maintenance services for your home.

Whether it’s a weeknight, weekend, or vacation, you can eliminate that voice in the back of your mind telling you those landlord duties may appear suddenly from thin air. Enjoy your free time by hiring us to keep it free.

Professional Repairs and Service

If you neglect the maintenance work your home needs, the costs will only build up over time. The problems themselves can worsen and increase in complexity.

Property Management Toronto has a three-step process for maintenance requests that meet everybody’s needs:

  • Troubleshoot the problem at no cost to landlords
  • We’ll call our extensive list of qualified suppliers
  • We provide landlords with three different options for repairs at three different price points

You’ll know that the job is done quickly and correctly, and you won’t have to play phone tag with different contractors or spend time trying to find experts who genuinely know what they’re doing. We perform these helpful landlord services in a streamlined fashion, so you don’t even need to worry or give them a moment’s thought.

Take advantage of our deep relationship with professional contractors, snow removal, pest control, plumbers, and electricians. All our staff are certified in trained in the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act.

Credit: Chait Goli via Pexels

Plus, we don’t just offer helpful landlord services either — we help tenants too. Our new Tenant Cloud functionality allows them to submit maintenance requests easily via phone, tablet, or computer. They can submit requests easily and at anytime, and landlords can leave town knowing that their home is in good hands.

Getting the Right Tenant in Your Home

A certain amount of wear and tear after years of living is expected, but a lot of home maintenance can be reduced when the tenant is responsible and caring about where they live. Pre-emptively preventing damage from arising is an effective strategy in its own right.

Property Management Toronto has a comprehensive tenant selection process that helps you secure an excellent tenant without having to do the legwork yourself. Here is our four-stage process for tenant screening:

  • Employment Letter: verifies the prospective tenant works where they say they do, while income verification confirms they can comfortably pay rent
  • Credit Check: checking a tenant’s credit score lets landlords see how they treat their financial responsibilities, providing a major window into how they’ll treat monthly rental payments
  • Reference Check: connecting with relatives, friends, and past landlords gives a broader view of the person intent on living in your home, so we always speak to numerous references, even if it means going back and forth on the phone
  • Tenant Application: we will bring you the filled applications, letting you select whichever you want without requiring an explanation

Inexperienced landlords may not immediately recognize a red flag when they see one, and even people who have been landlords before could miss something. More likely, they simply do not have the time to screen tenants fully.

Leave it to us! You’ll feel more at ease when you can trust your tenant, and you won’t have to worry about identifying the right one from a pile of applications.

Tenant Relations

Being a landlord requires developing strong relationships with tenants, so they feel connected to their home and like they have agency over it. We will help fulfill your obligations to tenants in ways that satisfy them, so they resign year after year.

Plus, you won’t have to lift a finger when it comes to negotiating lease agreements, performing pre-delivery inspections, collecting rental payments, or addressing maintenance requests. Tenants will feel safe, satisfied, and connected to their home.

Landlords will enjoy having an excellent tenant in their home for the long-term, so they can receive regular payments without jumping through the same hoops annually, which may also entail going a month or more without a rental payment.

Between relationship building with tenants and maintaining the physical structure itself, every landlord could use assistance. Call today to hire a property management company for a streamlined solution covering every landlord responsibility, so you can keep all parties satisfied while the money rolls in each month and your property remains in great condition.