Meet the PMT Family! 

We are fortunate to share a unique workplace environment at Property Management Toronto Inc. with a dedicated, highly skilled workforce that has a solid foundation built on mutual respect. 

At PMT, we value our employees as our most important resource. Each of us brings unique skills and has a measurable and essential contribution to help achieve our common goals. Our team is dynamic and enthusiastic, and we know you will enjoy working with us. We focus on continually achieving quality standards in everything we do in order to meet and exceed your expectations. We trust your experience working with our team will be a positive and productive environment. 

Managing Partners

  • Dana Ubakar, Managing Partner, Chief Operations Officer 
  • Jerome LaPorte, Managing Partner, President of Real Estate Sales

Sales and Leasing Team

  • Chris A, Manager, Marketing
  • Tyson E, Sales & Business Development Associate
  • Ashely B, Leasing & Sales Associate
  • Helen K, Real Estate Administrator

Client Service Team

  • Daniel C, Client Service Senior Property Manager
  • Lujain W, Client Service Property Manager 
  • Sam I, Client Service Property Manager
  • Cindy V, Client Service Associate 
  • Tara M, Client Service Administrator
  • Hekmat R, Property Inspector 

Repairs Team

  • Tom B, Repairs Coordinator
  • Daphine C, Repairs Coordinator

Finance Team

  • Melwyn, A, Finance Manager
  • Andrea D, Property Accountant 
  • Nahla V, Property Accountant