It’s Time to Start Marketing Your Rental Property

Posted on January 19, 2022 by pmtadmin

If you own a rental property in Toronto, you can make a lot of passive income by capitalizing on the housing shortage and affordability crisis gripping the city during a pandemic. But you may need help marketing the home, and that’s something where professional property managers excel.

The Ontario government has just ended its rent freeze, meaning monthly rental prices are once more surging. If you portray your property in the right way and in the right places, you can get a higher monthly rent. That’s where Property Management Toronto comes in, offering you the benefit of years of professional real estate experience in Toronto and the GTA.

Let’s take a look at some of the various services that can help improve how your investment property is marketed and overseen.


There’s a vast difference between posting a few basic photos of your home and having professional real estate marketing oversee this crucial aspect of investing. Property Management Toronto knows how to help your investment home put its best foot forward with professional photographers who make your property look attractive.

Professional photographers quite literally cast the best light possible on your home! The staging process is crucial. You don’t want your home to look too busy, and we know how to shoot it in such a way that the people seeing it can envision what your home will look like when they live in it.

Our connections to glossy magazines like Toronto Life will help you invest in Ontario’s booming real estate market, so your home gets maximum exposure. We also have vast online networks in addition to print magazines, ensuring your property gets the right digital exposure too.

Having investment properties in Toronto can be extremely profitable, and you don’t even need to do much or have any real estate expertise when you opt for our turnkey services. After years of working in real estate in Toronto and the GTA, we know what features of a home to emphasize in the marketing material and which to soften deftly because we know the market.

Property owners tend to have understandable emotional attachments to their homes that may not fully coincide with how today’s market sees and values the property. By working with experienced realtors, you can fully and effortlessly.

Landlord Services

After we have photographed your home and splashed it optimally on all our channels, there’s a lot Property Management Toronto can do for your investment. Many first-time and even seasoned investors wonder how to write a rental lease agreement that has them covered and works for all parties.

You don’t want to go it alone and get locked into an agreement that doesn’t give you ample protection and peace of mind. For example, a generic lease agreement won’t cover the specifics of your property. If you have a shed in the backyard of a three-storey home, which tenant, if any, gets use of it?

If your property comes fully or partially furnished, it needs to be outlined in print, or a tenant may claim something you own on the way out. Crucial aspects of renting like payment method and costs for utilities also need to be factored in.

Connect with Property Management Toronto to hear more about our comprehensive landlord services and all the other ways we can help you make income from your home.

Experienced Help from Tenant Selection, Maintenance, to Ongoing Relations

Being a landlord entails taking on a fair amount of responsibility and risk, and a mistake early in the process can be costly. What if you lock in a bad tenant who doesn’t respect your home or pay their bills on time?

What if the tenant is great, but being a landlord consumes more time than you have? Property Management Toronto helps to solve these common landlord challenges and any other you may have.

For example, our four-step tenant selection process requires sifting through employment letters, credit checks, reference checks, and tenant applications. You can sit back relaxed, knowing that the person who lives in your property is a responsible, mature tenant who will turn it into their home.

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One of the largest burdens facing landlords is the need to constantly be on call regarding repairs or fixes on the property. After all, the longer you leave such calls unattended, the worse it is for the property you own.

Property Management Toronto eliminates this concern because we’re available for calls 24/7, and we have a long list of professional contractors who take on whatever job needs fixing. Whether it’s an emergency basement flooring or a leak in the shingles, you’ll know that whatever goes wrong, our vetted, experienced contractors will be deployed rapidly to the scene to do high-quality repairs.

Plus, before we do any work on your property, we’ll give you options for quotes at three different price levels, so there’s always consent and transparency built into the process. You won’t have to waste time hoping that the contractor you Google lives up to the claims in their ads or worry that your investment property is at risk. From the time you market your home, screen tenants, and keep them re-signing leases year after year, Property Management Toronto will be there by your side throughout.

Finally, the rent freeze the government implemented during the pandemic is over, and landlords can begin to cash in on the surging housing market in Ontario without restraint. However, you can do it safely, responsibly, and effortlessly, all while commanding a high rent for your home, if you do it with experienced real estate experts like Property Management Toronto.

Marketing your home is something best left to objective, outside observers who understand your needs and the local rental market. Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing your investment property and everything else involved in being a landlord. Give us a call today if you have any other questions or would like to know more about our services.