How We Help Landlords Fulfill Their Obligations to Tenants

How We Help Landlords Fulfill Their Obligations to Tenants

Posted on April 16, 2021 by pmtadmin

Being a landlord can be time-consuming and stressful. Tenants may raise a maintenance request at any given point, suddenly interrupting your evenings, weekends, and holidays. Possibly even your workday!

Landlords provide more than just a physical location for people to live. Just about half of Toronto’s population rents their home, and people need to feel deeply rooted in the communities in which they live.

This puts landlords in a bind: how do they provide the level of service that meets community needs without giving away all their spare time? The services Property Management Toronto offers are designed to meet exactly this problem!

Please continue reading to learn more about what we can do for you and your tenants.

Maintenance Requests

How can a busy landlord make themselves constantly available to field maintenance requests? Receptive, prompt service is something tenants really appreciate.

There’s a world of difference between an aloof, hands-off landlord who doesn’t make repairs quickly or at all and one who maintains their property. Tenants want to feel value for their rent money, and they want to feel heard.

Our reliable landlord services are there for tenants, so if there’s a minor or major thing that needs fixing, there’s always a phone number to call and protocol to follow. It’s hard to live somewhere that isn’t yours and feel like there’s nobody to speak to if something goes wrong — your tenants will never suffer this feeling when you rely on professional property managers.

Landlords can feel satisfied that they give their tenants their full attention without needing to sacrifice their own time.

Flexible Expert Repairs

Landlords want their property to be well maintained. Sometimes, finishes wear down, or things physically break down in some other way, either from reckless behaviour or simple wear and tear.

There’s almost no way around it: eventually, your property will need to repairs. Property Management Toronto gives landlord support that is prompt and flexible.

For example, if a repair is needed, we will provide three quotes at different price points from accredited experts. You can decide for yourself which level of repair makes the most sense for the situation, and you don’t need to spend time looking for a contractor or comparing price points.

Credit: edvaldocostacordeiro Via unsplash

You won’t feel taken advantage of, as you may if you aren’t particularly handy yourself and only receive one quote about a repair you don’t quite understand. Our quotes will be transparent, comprehensive, and we will always give you options.

Tenant Selection

One of the most important things fundamental to positive relationships between landlords and tenants is ensuring the right fit from the start. Our tenant selection process is thorough and lets landlords find a reliable, respectful tenant without wasting their time.

Here are a few of the things we need from every prospective tenant:

  • Employment letter: this verifies that the tenant can afford to make monthly rent payments
  • Credit bureau report and credit check: such documents are important indicators of a tenant’s financial reliability and level of responsibility
  • Reference check: we will consult with friends and relatives of the prospective tenant but also past landlords to get a broader perspective on who they are before they sign a lease
  • Tenant application: Property Management Toronto will bring the applications to you for approval, so you can have the final say without having to spend time on forms

We pre-screen every individual candidate thoroughly, so you can rest comfortably trusting the person who lives in your unit. You’ll have full control over whose application you select, and you don’t need to give a reason for why you denied other applicants.

Combing through so many documents takes experience to do properly and consumes a lot of your time. Let us handle it, so you don’t have to.

Ongoing Services

The best thing a landlord can hope for is a happy tenant who remains in the unit year after year. Such scenarios are a win for everybody. Tenants form deep roots in their community and have stability when they can call the same place home for years.

Meanwhile, landlords get peace of mind knowing that a trusted, familiar person is in their unit and that the rent checks will arrive when they’re supposed to. Property Management Toronto will be on standby throughout the tenant’s tenure, providing any other required services.

Everything from handling maintenance requests, doing professional repairs, collecting rent, and other services let tenants live more comfortably. Your tenants will never feel left in the lurch over minor or major issues, and you won’t have to sacrifice your free time to give them this level of support.


Landlords need to know the numbers underlying their investment, and they need them quickly and at a glance. They also need to check in from time to time about the unit’s condition.

We offer premium services for landlords, including spring and fall inspections for just $89 plus HST. Get photos and a summary of the condition of your property — the fee will be conveniently deducted from the next month’s rental income.

Knowing about the financial aspects of your property and the physical state it’s in and that it’s safe gives you the full picture, and landlords need to be in the know.

Housing has always been a major issue in society, and it’s taken on even more importance during a pandemic. We’re here to ensure there’s foundational alignment at the outset, so the rental experience goes smoothly for both parties.

Whether you have one unit or several, being a landlord takes up time. It also requires experience and effort to do it well, whether you’re in it for the short- or long-term. If you have any other questions about how Property Management Toronto can streamline your role as a landlord while providing everything that a tenant could need or want, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us at 416-451-9499.