Essential Questions to Ask Your Property Management Company

Posted on May 12, 2022 by pmtadmin

Buying property is an exciting venture, but it can come with stress and anxiety if you go it alone. Property Management Toronto is here to solve property-related problems before they arise, so receiving passive monthly income doesn’t have to be a drag.

How do professional property managers make being a landlord effortless? Good question! To answer it, let’s look at the answers to a few related questions.

Do Landlords Who Hire Property Managers Need Special Home Repair Skills?

One of the best things about obtaining professional landlord management services is that it relieves landlords of the need to be handy around their homes. If something should break, tenants can call to let us know, and we’ll delve into our long list of contacts with vetted contractors. We’ll present owners with three choices at different price brackets, and they can select the option that suits them best.

Landlords don’t even need to do the legwork Googling a contractor they hope is excellent. We have developed positive relations over the years with contractors for every type of repair.

Sit back knowing your home will remain in excellent shape without fearing you’ll have to watch a YouTube video to learn how to keep it that way. Plus, you can be assured that our handypersons are bonded, insured, reliable, and will always be respectful towards tenants when entering their homes.

We never outsource this kind of work — we always know the people we dispatch to your property.

Do Property Managers Tend to Emergencies in Off-Hours?

One of the common challenges landlords face is potentially sacrificing their free time to tend to an urgent situation at their property. What happens if you’re on vacation or at your child’s piano recital and there’s a burst pipe in the basement?

Now, you can hire a property manager and pre-emptively take control of that situation before it arises. Your free time will remain free. We’ll be on call 24/7/365.

How Do Professional Property Managers Choose Tenants?

Finding a reliable, mature tenant who pays their rent on time and respects the property is one of the surest ways to enjoy peace of mind as a landlord. Knowing there’s a great long-term tenant under your roof makes it much easier to sleep at night.

If you hire us for rental management in Toronto or the GTA, we’ll secure an excellent tenant by using our four-step process:

  • Employment letter: We’ll obtain an employment letter from every prospective tenant, confirming they work where they say they do and can pay rent comfortably.
  • Credit check: Seeing how a prospective tenant handles other financial obligations offers an important window into how they’ll treat rent.
  • Reference check: Hearing character references from friends, family, and previous landlords provides insights that financial records don’t.
  • Tenant application: We bring tenant applications to you, so you can approve the one you like best. You don’t need to provide a reason for approving or rejecting an application.

Picking a renter from the pile can be emotionally driven, and these biases may impair people’s decision-making abilities. We proudly offer clients our experienced, impartial perspective developed after years of working in Toronto real estate.

A crucial decision like this shouldn’t be made without the benefit of wisdom learned over the years and a dependable, time-tested, multi-step process.

Do You Offer Real Estate Services Outside Toronto?

Absolutely! Our founders may have started working in the real estate sector decades ago, but today, Property Management Toronto proudly offers Mississauga property management and many other neighbouring regions.

Don’t hesitate to call us for Markham property management services or anywhere from the downtown lakeside core to the farthest sections of the GTA. We have deep relationships across the entire city and the surrounding golden horseshoe area.

We offer property management in Hamilton, which is quickly becoming a hot destination for people priced out of Toronto.

Do You Offer Clients Any Free Services?

In some cases, yes. Every time a tenant gives notice, we conduct a free inspection. We also conduct a free move-in inspection with any new tenants.

Along with the price of our services, Property Management Toronto provides clear, concise financial reports that keep landlords informed on how their property is performing. We’re happy to help explain any aspects that may be confusing. Just call us or schedule a visit!

We are also proud to offer real estate services! If we sell your investment home, we’ll refund you the prior year of real estate services. Likewise, when you use our real estate services to buy an investment home, you’ll enjoy one year of free property management services.

Can You Find Me an Investment Property?

Absolutely! As mentioned, we offer comprehensive real estate services, which speak to our roots in the industry. We are deeply familiar with the real estate market after more than 25 years of work.

suburban house for sale, sign on lawn

If you want tough negotiators on your side who know how to maximize your investment, give us a call. You’ll love dealing with only one company for all your income property needs. Such a streamlined, efficient approach takes a lot of the grunt work from being a landlord.

Do You Help Tenants, Too?

Of course! Property Management Toronto is here to make life easier for all parties involved. If something needs fixing, tenants can call us right away, and we’ll meet their needs responsibly and responsively.

We also collect rent payments and help out tenants in any other way we can. When tenants are happy where they live, communities are stronger. They love having professional levels of support, which ensures their needs are never neglected.

Plus, long-term tenants present fewer moving pieces to deal with, helping landlords enjoy consistent and reliable payments.

Property Management Toronto is dedicated to making landlords’ responsibilities easy for anybody to carry out, no matter your level of expertise or experience. If we didn’t answer all of your questions above, don’t hesitate to call us at 416.451.9499 or email in**@pr******************.com for more information.