Does my rental condo require a property manager?

Posted on September 5, 2017 by pmtadmin

If you are a landlord who is very busy, own many properties or live out of town/overseas you require the help from a professional property management company. By hiring the right property management company, you will save money and have someone take care of any the issues and repairs before they get out of control. Unexpected events or issues can arrise at any time of the day/evening on any given day, it’s crucial to have someone on call 24/7 to attend to any emergencies. It’s important to have someone who can access your property in your absence and someone who also understands the rules and regulations under the Ontario Residential Act.

Selecting the right tenant for your investment property is not an easy task — choosing the wrong tenant could cost you a lot. We strongly stress how important it is to have a property management company who can conduct credit checks, background checks, employment checks and rigorous tenant screening interviews — this is essential when selecting the right tenant for your property. Landlords often accept the first tenant that submits an application, unfortunately we see this way too often as the first application is not always the strongest.

There is a lot involved when managing a revenue property than just collecting rent every month, majority of landlord’s realize this in the first year of owning and operation their investment property — hire someone you can trust to provide you complete peace of mind, contact Property Management Toronto to learn how we can help you.