Property Management Toronto is a property management company servicing the city of Toronto. PMT provides services to owners of investment properties, as well as owners whom for one reason or another, have to rent their personal residence. Managing a rental property can be difficult for even an experienced landlord without the support of a team of professionals who have access to maintenance and tenant management services.

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals whom have been managing and maintaining residential and condominium properties for many years. During this time, we have established partnerships with maintenance services that allow us to manage your condo or home with ease. By utilizing our tenant selection process, we can ensure that only the best tenants are selected to live in your condo or home.

For tenants, the advantage is that as a property manager, we are available on call 24/7 and have access to professional maintenance services and are well versed in the tenant/landlord relationships. This relieves some of the stress of renting a condo or house from an individual, as individual landlords are sometimes unavailable or ill-equipped to handle all requests.