We pride ourselves in our one of a kind recruitment and selection process. Decisions are based on a proven and sound rationale from a host of pre-determined and preferred selection criteria. This ensures that we are selecting the ideal candidate for your condo or home and also that the tenant is situated in a place where they will be happy and comfortable.

As property managers, ensuring the contentment of both owner and renter, we create an ideal situation for property management. The owner can rest assured that the tenant selected to lease their property has similar values to theirs and will take care of their condo or house in a way that is conducive to the long term goals they have for their property.

We manage contracts, forms and proceedings for efficient management of the property. Drafting and negotiating lease agreements, collecting rental payments and timely deposit of rent to property owners.

Property Management Toronto also perform pre-delivery inspections (the “PDI”) prior to occupancy date granted by the builder/developer. We perform such PDI inspection prior to occupancy date and on occupancy day. This ensures that we are aware of the state of the condo or house prior to a new tenant moving in and ensures the peace of mind of both owner and tenant.